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Brooklyn native Darryl Harrison is an artist in the truest form. Using prose as his paint brush, photography as his pallet and music as his mission, this urban savant colors outside the lines, making art that exposes us to untapped territory in our psyche, weaving a colorful tapestry that connects us all. 


Darryl spent the first decade of his career working in the music video industry and broadcast journalism in pursuit of molding the art of story-telling with creativity and context. But his style of honing in on stories in need of perspective lured toward filming and producing stories for investigative news and documentaries for companies such as CBS 48 Hours, VH1 Behind The Music, Frontline, NY1 and The New York Post. With 20+ years of being a journalist his work has been featured on every New York news outlet and beyond.  


Through finding deeper connections as a traveling street journalist, Darryl made the courageous decision to leave corporate media and step out on his own as an independent artist in order to control the narrative on his subjects. Taking on topics such as single fatherhood, black cultural dichotomies and  mental healing, Darryl has demonstrated a commitment to telling stories rarely told in an authentic way. He finds magic in the mundane while canvassing urban neighborhoods capturing connections and hidden gems lurking in the streets. Whether it is in the form of a video interview for his “Know Thy Neighbor, Know Thy Story” series or uniquely composed images of New York City relics  for his photography series “Beautiful Brooklyn”.


As a spoken word artist, Darryl draws from his life experiences and social purview using verses as his therapy. They are influenced by his love for hip hop and the impact of this powerful medium towards change. Like his visual subjects, It is imagery in words with a strong sense of nostalgia that documents a perspective. He scribes with origins of feelings, media and mass culture. 


Believing that words and images are incomplete without action, Darryl has committed himself to just that. Connecting his personal life interests as a father with broader influence he fulfilled 2 years as a PTA President invigorating community activism.  In line with his personal mission to strengthen communities, Darryl recently advanced his mission into the realms of politics where he was elected as a County Committee seat member.  Urban Jali is his personal implementation of Darryl’s art practices: spoken word, photography, video, journalism, production and social awareness implemented into a service for building positive awareness.

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