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Darryl  NYC

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Artist Statement

For every image, there is a story…

For every story, there is experience…

For every experience, there is feeling.

I strive to connect with feeling

in belief of bringing forth:

    ’inner-telligence’ and purpose.

The moments I capture in motion and still form are  ‘lived’  by engaging with the subject focus.

Though I am behind the lens and words,

I too am the subject.

So are you as the viewer…

These are not just visuals and spells.

They are samples of emotional intelligence;

the key to all dialogue albeit verbal, musical or visual.

Even with eyes closed, one can ‘see’     

                                 because of feeling…

Your connection is valued.

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Darryl.NYC is home to two very distinct visual art forms: 

Urban Jali  consists of unscripted; impromtu street interviews and civic engagement. Jali or Jaliyaa is the description of a record keeper in many tribes throughout Mali before the French colonized the area and dubbed the name griot.

Visual Architect uses visual art forms to convey a storylines in  marketing concepts, brand initiatives, documentaries, 


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